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Pinguicula caerulea, Pinguicula jackii, Utricularia longeciliata, U. appendiculata, Genlisea oxycentron, G. africana, Drosera solaris, Dionaea muscipula Pom Pom, Double Trouble, Maratchi, HellCat, Montecore. ツ Carnivorians

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Dionaea muscipula `Cupfalle´, `Ruffles teeth´, `Little darling 012´, `Arched trap 017´, `Pomelo´, Sarracenia `Sky Watcher´, Heliamphora minor var. pilosa `Auyan tepui´ Giant form, Heliamphora minor var. pilosa `Auyan tepui´ and more. CARNIVORIANS ツ .

Pinguicula jackii

Very rare Pinguicula jackii (Barnh.) - Cuba in OUR photogalery ! Please look at: \"http://www.carnivoria.eu/photogallery/pinguicula.html\" . BEST REGARDS, CARNIVORIANS ツ .

IUCN Red List Carnivorous Plants campaign

We support IUCN Red List Carnivorous Plants campaign (We contribute part of the profit to the campaign). Note: The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, in collaboration with the IUCNSSC Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group (CPSG), just launched an online campaign to help assess all carnivorous plant species. 80% of the roughly 750 carnivorous plant species have not yet been assessed for The IUCNRed List.

Waterwheel Plant ( Aldrovanda )

Rainbow plants ( Byblis )

Albany Pitcher Plant ( Cephalotus )

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(Sub) Tropical American Sundews ( Drosera )

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Temperate Sundews ( Drosera )

Tuberous Sundews ( Drosera )

Queensland Sundews ( Drosera )

Portuguese Dewy Pine ( Drosophyllum )

Genlisea ( Genlisea )

Sun pitchers ( Heliamphora )

Intermediate, Highland ( Nepenthes )

Lowland Tropic Pitcher Plants ( Nepenthes )

Mexican Butterworts ( Pinguicula )

Mexican Butterworts Hybrids ( Pinguicula )

Temperate Butterworts ( Pinguicula )

Other Butterworts ( Pinguicula )

North American Pitcher Plant ( Sarracenia )

North American Pitcher Plant Hybrids ( Sarracenia - Hybrids )

Aquatic Bladderworts ( Utricularia )

section Orchidioides Bladderworts and other ( Utricularia )

Terrestrial Bladderworts ( Utricularia )

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